From D.G. Lloyd

Arch-signI am thrilled and excited to announce a partnership with B.J. Rowling that will see “The Misfit Tribe” on an adventurous path I never thought possible. “The Misadventures of the Misfit Tribe” was originally published on an extremely small scale, and thankfully allowed me to connect with B.J. We’ve elected to team up and re-release “The Misfit Tribe” utilizing Ms. Rowling’s ideas, insight, participation and future vision on the entire series. Together, as a dynamic writing duo, we believe we have put together an incredibly entertaining franchise. Each book in the series will take you on a marvelous journey to a fantastical world filled with wondrous secrets, tricky riddles, mystical powers, new adventures, and unexpected twists and turns. Our one and only goal with “The Misfit Tribe” is to capture the imagination of readers everywhere!

- D.G. Lloyd